The alcohol-free alternative for the new age of student living

August 28th, 2020 Written by Amy McLeod

As students embark on their University journey this year, there is a much different landscape for Fresher’s Week. Whilst pub crawls, drinking games and themed social nights may still be going ahead on a much smaller scale, more conscientious modes of welcoming students and having fun may become the norm.

 With social distancing guidelines playing a huge part in what Fresher’s night life will look like, students will be expected to make friends and have fun in novel ways. Whilst this might seem like a significant shift away from perceived University experience, this new student culture may actually align more appropriately with Generation Z’s shifting outlooks and lifestyles.

With a third of young people turning to teetotalism, there’s an increased awareness amongst this demographic of the issues associated with binge drinking, and so an evolved approach to being a student is on the horizon! The downturn of youthful boozing, disinterest in excessive drinking and heightened engagement with health and wellbeing has given rise to the low and no-alcohol drinks category. Moving away from the problematic drinking culture which has been associated with Fresher’s Week for years, there are now more options than ever available for this incoming cohort of Gen Z-ers looking to involve themselves in the student social their own way. Students on the lookout for an alcohol-free alternative may want to turn their attention to Amplify; the perfect tipple of choice for young people looking to make the most of their student experience, meet new friends and be involved with the social aspect, whilst avoiding the negative effects alcohol can bring.

Breaking the often perceived barrier in the non-alcoholic category, Amplify doesn’t compromise on taste. Much like traditional spirits, the liqueur incorporates a plethora of invigorating ingredients such as juniper berries, coriander seeds, Angelica root, lemon peel, lemongrass, and ginseng root. These fragrant botanicals combine with vibrant, punchy orange and citrus notes to provide a drink that satisfies the taste buds, without any need for alcohol.

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