Drink ‘turtley’ waste free with Hawksbill Caribbean Spiced Rum

July 11th, 2022 Written by Amy McLeod
Mango and Pineapple flavours are back by popular demand, now in a lighter weight bottle to help reduce CO2 emissions!

Our turtle-saving Caribbean Spiced Rum brand, Hawksbill, is continuing its conservation and sustainability mission with the addition of two fruity rums to the core range – Mango and Pineapple – and with these two new products, we’re taking our pledge to the environment a step further. Not only do they bring together the very best Caribbean rums from Trinidad and Guyana, blended with a distinctive combination of spices, but they also utilise fruits that would have otherwise gone to waste.

Food waste is a huge issue across the globe and UK households throw away 6.5 million tonnes of it every year, 4.5 million of which is completely edible ( With food waste proven to feed climate change and therefore fuel the negative impact on our planet and its wildlife, we wanted to utilise fruit that would have otherwise been disposed of.

Both flavours were released in a limited run for Zero Waste Week in September 2021 and following popular demand we have now reintroduced both to the core range, this time packaged in a lighter, more eco-friendly bottle. The new products not only include the original flavour packaging elements, such as the cork made from waste material and a sugarcane fibre label printed with plant-based inks, but also come in a lighter weight bottle (740g to 600g), saving over 100kg per pallet. This helps to decrease CO2 emissions due to its reduction in weight when transporting.

In addition, the new Mango and Pineapple spiced rums continue to support the endangered turtles after which our brand is named by donating 10% of the profits from every bottle sold to the Barbados Sea Turtle Project, a conservation project set up to help protect endangered and critically endangered sea turtles and their habitats.

If you want to stock our ‘turtley’ awesome Caribbean Spiced Rum range, get in touch today!

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