Making Waves with Spiced Rum

July 1st, 2021 Written by Amy McLeod

Rum was crowned the most popular drink of lockdown in 2020* which came as no surprise with the Rum Renaissance truly in full swing. The demand for innovative flavours is constantly growing and the spiced rum sector is predicted to be a trend to watch this year as consumers continue to experiment with unique ingredients and flavours.


In September last year, we launched our own Caribbean spiced rum, Hawksbill, which unites the very best Caribbean rums sourced from Guyana and Trinidad and is charged with a unique combination of spices. With a mission to help save the critically endangered Hawksbill turtle at its heart, 10% of Hawksbill’s profits go towards turtle conservation projects in the Caribbean, helping to protect the future and the environment of the Hawksbill Turtle and preserve its future.


We also further grew our rum portfolio in 2020 with the launch of our flavoured rum liqueur brand, Palm Beach and the addition of Marlin Spike to our distribution portfolio. Palm Beach is a range of smooth, mellow rum liqueurs crafted using carefully selected rum and unique flavour combinations inspired by the tastes and easy-going nature of the Caribbean and Marlin Spike is an intriguing and premium blend of rums offering a fruity yet spicy undertone.


Our focus was on offering experimental flavours and unique tastes within the category across a range of price points so that there is something for everyone.


The spiced rum category has moved towards quality-led, premium and artisan products, shedding its cheap and sweet reputation and emerging as a quality dark spirit for the experimental consumer. It has a wide appeal, its subtle sweetness and hints of spice make it more accessible than a regular rum, as well as the seasoned traditional rum drinkers who are looking to add some intrigue to their tipple.


With an array of spices available from across the globe, producers are increasingly experimenting with recipes to create new flavours and styles of spiced rum and introducing innovative ingredients in a similar way to how botanicals change the flavour profile of gin.


The thirst for craft cocktails is welcomed by the category as it is seen to be boosting rums’ popularity with the spirit being a major player in the cocktail world. Consumers are looking for exciting and unique cocktails to enjoy, something they cannot easily replicate at home when they are dining out or drinking in a venue. We welcome this trend and catered to it when creating Hawksbill Rum. It has been developed with mixability in mind blending classic spices such as vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg with the addition of raisin, ginger and sea salt to bring another layer of complexity into the profile.


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